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Bee Inspired Gardening Has Created For You ~ Mosquitoes Bee Gone.....
Just Draw On ~ 100% Organic ~ No Chemicals ~ You Just Need a Little Round the Ankles ~ Wrists ~ Back Of Neck  ~ Calves  Then Your Good To Go...
For every Mosquitoes Bee Gone Stick you buy we will plant a Linden Tree or we can send  you the Linden Tree  if you prefer~ Helping to feed the Bees as well as helping to clean the air we breathe goes hand in hand with the Linden Tree...
Deet Free ~ No Chemicals
 Protects Against Zika & West Nile
Tested Deep In the Guyana Jungle
 Worldwide Shipping Included
Enough Draws For Over A Year
For A Family of Four
Will Not Irritate Eyes
Great For Camping ~ Draw On Anything you want Mosquitoes to stay away from ~ You ~  Your Clothes ~Tent Doors ~Screens ~Baby Carriers ~ Pets ~ Safe for Everything
Draws On Dry ~ Not Messy
2 Ounce ~ 57 Grams ~ Family Sized 
.50 Ounce  ~ 14Grams ~ Individual Sized
& Miliaria
Sorry We Are All Sold Out ~ As Our Product Is All Hand Crafted ~ We Will Bee Taking Orders For Next Season...