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About Bee Inspired Gardening...
Thanking you for stopping by ~ We are a group of  organic farmers that have gotten together to combine our strengths to help the Bees. We have been blessed by the land & it is our turn to give back ~ helping feed the Bees by planting  Linden trees will also help all to better breathe ~ you ~ me ~ all the animals land & sea ~ Together we can make a difference..

Our Bees Are Free Range ~ No Smoke ~ No Man Made Boxes

by beeinspiredgardening beeinspiredgardening on 10/16/17

Most honey on grocery store shelves today has been heated and is ultra-filtered which results in a product no more valuable than a simple sweetener. Raw and lightly-filtered honey is known for its exceptionally high live enzyme content, pollen count, vitamins and minerals and antibacterial, antimicrobial and antioxidant properties. Our  honey varietals are 100% organic, raw and lightly-filtered.

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