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Thanking you for stopping by ~ We are a group of  organic farmers that have gotten together to combine our strengths to help the Bees. We have been blessed by the land & it is our turn to give back ~ helping feed the Bees by planting  Linden trees will also help all to better breathe ~ you ~ me ~ all the animals land & sea ~ Together we can make a difference..

Linden Honey ~ Has Amazing Health Benefits...

by beeinspiredgardening beeinspiredgardening on 09/03/17

Application of lime honey in the treatment of diseases

The people called honey “liquid gold”, because it – is a cure for many diseasesEspecially white lime honey, because its anti-bacterial properties are the highest compared with other types of products of bees.


Use of a mixture of lime honey and juice of the aloe plant in the ratio of 1:5 has good additional effect in the treatment of colds (rhinitistracheitistonsillitis, etc.). A teaspoon of this medicine should be taken three times a day one hour before meals. Bad cold can be stopped if you instill into the nose 30% solution of linden honey in fresh red beet juice. In each nostril you should instill 5-6 drops. For the treatment of acute bronchitis  a very good remedy is made from 5 pounded leaves of aloe, a tablespoon of lime honey, two egg yolks and a bottle of Cahors.

Bad cough can be cured with pastils of linden honey, flour, mustard and sunflower oil. All ingredients should be mixed and applied before going to bed to the chest in the form of pellets. It should be remembered that the white honey has high diaphoretic properties, and therefore it should not be consumed before going out.

Ideally you should be in bed if you have a cold, then the product can cure diseases, associated with fever, malaise, headache, runny nose. By the way, white honey is a part of many pharmaceutical drugs to treat tuberculosis, and it once again shows that official medicine has recognized the healing properties of this unprecedented product.

Application of lime honey in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract

Gastritis, colitis, gastroenteritis are accompanied by a mass of unpleasant symptoms. In modern medicine, there are long-designed scheme of treating of these diseases. However, the effect of the therapy would be the best, and comes quickly, if you do not forget about the white honey. One tablespoon of the product, dissolved in warm water, leads to more rapid scarring of stomach ulcers if you make this treatment three times a day over a long period of time.

No wonder that the old people say that white honey – the best friend of the stomach. The thing is that it reduces the hypersecretion of hydrochloric acid in the stomach (in the form of heat) and, on the contrary, it increases it (in the cold state). Doctors know this feature of linden honey and take it into consideration when they choose a method of treatment. It is widely used in combination with the decoction of the juice of fresh cabbage, village butter, kernels.

The ancient methods of treatment with white honey from Avicenna

Ancient scholar, philosopher and physician Avicenna, author of many books about healing, cured epilepsy, psychotic state, headaches, rheumatism, gout, diseases of kidney, urinary tract and female reproductive organs with lime honey. Many of his recipes have survived and have been successfully used in medicine.

They really help to successfully treat neurosis, heart disease, insomnia and stress.

White honey is taken not only inside, but also is used on the outside in the form of  alcohol rubbing?. It also has a good local effect for the treatment of festering wounds and burns.

In your mouth organic acids improve the process of juice- and bile secretion. Therefore it is recommended to hold it in your mouth until dissolved.
Honey with lemon juice is a good prophylactic against acute respiratory disease, and a cup of tea with white honey is useful in the treatment of liver, gallbladder, and inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract.
White honey is good in ophthalmology. It contains substances that are beneficial to the retina. So all fans of computers and TVs can safely use it. A solution of lime honey is also used for lotions and washing of sore eyes. If your intention is to clean the body, the white honey is perfect for this, because it has diuretic and laxative effects.

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